Leukotape P

A non-stretch, aggressive adhesive strapping bandage specifically developed for joint control with abnormal biomechanics causing pain, e.g. Patellofemoral malalignment.

Ideal or abnormal patella tracking.

  • Ideal for knee taping when treating patients with patella femoral pain or abnormal patella tracking.
  • Ideal for joint taping in particular with joint instability, e.g. sprained ankle joint or shoulder pain due to impingement.
  • Used as a general fixation tape


  • Strong rayon material construction with very aggressive adhesive zinc oxide adhesive.
  • Strong rigid support – specifically developed for joint taping, e.g. knee or patella – used in conjunction with Hypafix® or Fixomull®
  • Porous – allows free air circulation; perspiration and exudate can also escape.

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