Cutimed Siltec

Cutimed® Siltec® is a foam dressing with a silicone wound contact layer and super-absorbersdeveloped for the management of exudate and the protection of skin.

For exuding wounds e.g.

  • Chronic wounds, such as venous, arterial or diabetic ulcers.
  • Skin grafts
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Traumatic wounds
  • As a secondary dressing where exudate management is  required (covering products like e.g. Cutimed® Sorbact® or
    Cutimed® Cavity)


  • Painfree and atraumatic dressing changes;
    The perforated silicone layer ensures most gentle adherence to the skin surrounding the wound without any adhesion in the moist wound.
  • Best possible protection for new tissue;
    The very evenly perforated silicone layer protects the new, fragile layer of epidermal cells which contributes to the healing process.
  • Reliable retention
    Super-absorbent particles in the foam core do not only absorb a multiple of their own weight – they reliably bind exudate, even under compression. The polyurethane film on the outside of the dressing is permeable to vapours but prevents the strike-through of wound exudate.

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